Commission presents new agenda, swears in new member

The Knox County Commission swore in new 5th District Commissioner John Schoonmaker. The Commission also passed a motion to move the start time of the regularly scheduled Commission meetings to 5 p.m., effective March of this year. The motion was approved with eight votes for yes, and two for no.

The Knox County Commission presented its agenda for the month of January, swearing in its newest member, passing a motion to change its start time, and honoring the Webb School of Knoxville football team Monday, Jan. 26.

Schoonmaker being sworn in as Commissioner of the Fifth District of Knox County
John Schoonmaker being sworn in as Commissioner of the 5th District of Knox County

Newest member John Schoonmaker was sworn in as the 5th District Commissioner of the Knox County Commission after being elected two weeks ago.

Schoonmaker’s family and nine of the committee members were present to witness Schoonmaker being sworn in.

In addition to swearing in Schoonmaker, the Commission passed a motion to move the start time of its regularly scheduled meetings to 5 p.m., taking effect March of this year.

Commissioner Mike Brown stated that the reason the public doesn’t attend the meetings is because they don’t care, while Commissioner Samuel McKenzie stated that the reason is because they have to work.

Similarly, Commissioner Charles Busler said that while retired people do not care about the

Meske speaking before the Commission
David Meske speaking before the Commission.

time, the working public does, and that the time should be moved to see if more people start to attend.

The motion was approved by an 8 to 2 vote, the two “no” votes coming from Commissioner Brad Anders and Brown.

Later, the Commission honored the Webb School of Knoxville’s football team for winning its third consecutive Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association football championship this past season.

In attendance at the ceremony was David Meske, the team’s head coach since 1985.

Absent from the meeting was Commissioner Amy Broyles.

The next regular session meeting for the Knox County Commission will take place Feb. 23 at 1:45 p.m.


Edited by Hannah Hunnicutt 

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