January 27, 2021

Year: 2014

TNJN Spotlight: Dazzo’s Pizzeria

Dazzo’s Pizzeria, located on 710 S Gay Street, offers a plethora of traditional Italian foods. They serve everything from subs and pasta to pizza and chicken. All of their sauces, dough, mozzarella and meatballs are made from scratch and create a taste that is unique to Dazzo’s.

Beauty Blog: Two makeup looks for Thanksgiving

I’ll be doing two Thanksgiving looks for today. Feel free to come back to this post on Thanksgiving day to recreate either of these looks. I’ll be focusing on eyes, because I personally always have trouble on what to do, I created a simple look, for maybe a family event or if you just want to go simplistic.

TNJN Kitchen: Hot spice fruit tea

Temperatures have been dropping and everyone is on the hunt for a way to warm up. We are all excited for a taste of those delicious fall and winter flavors, but what if you need a break from pumpkin spice and hot chocolate? A sip of hot spice fruit tea is sure to do the trick.