Opinion: It isn’t easy being Justin Worley

Now that everyone is aboard the Josh Dobbs bandwagon, and Justin Worley’s career has come down to coaching on the sidelines during his final year of NCAA eligibility, it’s time to evaluate his career as a Volunteer.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to Worley, who’s overcome so many struggles in his four years here that his career started as quickly as it finished. To Worley’s credit he never complained, he never complained when he had three new head coaches in his four years, and each coach made him learn a new offensive system on the fly. He never complained when he was the backup to future NFL quarterback Tyler Bray, and he never complained when he was given arguably one of the worst offensive lines in college football.

Worley’s senior year picked up right where his junior year left off, with an injury. What makes this year different are the results. Last year after Worley went down, and Dobbs wasn’t nearly the quarterback he is this year. Last year against Mizzou, you might remember with Worley out Dobbs started and well the results speak for themselves, a 31-3 butt whooping. Now everything is different Dobbs is looking like the next Heisman front runner, the running game has improved, the offensive line has performed better with a mobile quarterback and most importantly it looks like Butch Jones has the team going bowling.

I can’t help feel a little sorry for Worley, I know most Tennessee fans will say good riddance, but picture this Worley starts four years, he had sustainability in his playbook and a head coach, and his offensive line was better, too pie in the sky? Cheer up Worley maybe your career is in coaching, and it’s not filled with so many headaches, after-all it looks like he’s well on his way to that profession, with Butch Jones saying ‘“now he goes from player Worley to Coach Worley.”

Edited by Will Lomas

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