May 18, 2021

Opinion: “Interstellar” features brilliant actors and cinematography

This beautifully shot epic takes viewers on a journey through the cosmos that also takes your imagination with it. Christopher Nolan directs another mind bending story plot that challenges your train of thought. An epic that combines compelling performances from lead actor and actress Mathew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, beautiful cinematography choreographed through excellent special effects and an element of scientific reasoning that has you interested in physics regardless of your previous knowledge on the subject.

The plot, simply summarized, is that humanity on Earth has faced a devasting challenge to the precious balance of life. Earth has become inhospitable due to a phenomenon known as crop blight. The search for new planets that are capable of sustaining life begins. The journey takes you along for the ride as a group of astronauts accompanied by geologists, physicists, biologists (as well as former NASA astronaut turned farmer: Mathew McCaughney) team up and ascend into the stars on the shuttle Endurance in hope for finding humanity’s new host planet.

The spirit of discovery in completely enraptured in this film and satisfies those whose imaginations never seem to cease the wondering exploration of distant planets. The plot may be filled holes that resemble the wormholes described in the movie; however, the beauty of the picture as well as the beauty of furthering the imagination of exploration make up for short coming of the overly complex and at times confusing plot. Driven by a very scientific approach, it may be difficult to keep audience following throughout the entirety of the movie that can only be described as a true sci-fi. The compassion displayed between the two main characters may resemble a sort of cheesy underlining theme that seemingly almost every movie every made can not avoid even though Christopher Nolan is known for letting this ever important aspect take a back seat to other themes and concepts in which the movie is based on.

Overall, naysayers may complain about the length of this epic. They may also complain about the complexity of its scientific reasonings. However, no one can argue the speckle displayed through the action sequences is nothing short of remarkable. For this reason alone, it is worthy in its length entirely.

Edited by Jessica Carr

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