Homebound transcends as play for everybody

Photo by: Chelsea Milligan
Admission to Homebound is $5.
Photo by: Chelsea Milligan

As the actors and actresses prep themselves to walk out on stage, a confident young writer prepares to present his work to an ever-growing audience. Homebound, written by Brock Ward, will debut Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. in the Clarence Brown Theatre.

The play portrays the struggles of a young, mentally-ill girl named Nobody. Through the help of her best friend

Photo by: Savannah Lucas
Brock Ward, the director, writes the play with hopes that it reaches everyone.
Photo by: Savannah Lucas

and her counselor, she is able to overcome her illness and provide the viewer with a sense of hope that may be applied to his or her own life.

The name of the play is a bit misleading because this play is not for nobody, it has themes in which everyone can relate.

Brock Ward based his characters on his own trials stating that, “In helping this girl that I thought up, this girl named Nobody, I was able to help myself.”

Connor Hess and Bridget Sellers Photo by: Matt Gulley
Connor Hess and Bridget Sellers rehearse a scene from the play.
Photo by: Matt Gulley

Connor Hess, one of the main characters in the play said, “It’s really intense beginning to end, there’s laughs and tears and really bad puns, it’s a very interesting show…one of the coolest I’ve been in.”

Bridget Sellers, the actress playing Nobody believes the play speaks to everybody.

“I think the thing that I like about it the most is just that it tackles such a difficult topic that I think affects everybody in some way,” said Sellers. “I think that it speaks to it in a way that’s very open.”

Admission to watch Homebound is $5.

Edited by Jessica Carr

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