Reese Hall raises $2,000 for Habitat for Humanity

The UT Residence Hall Association held their annual haunted house fundraiser at Reese Hall on Oct. 24-25. The fundraiser benefited Habitat for Humanity. At $3 a ticket, the event raised more than $2,000.

The haunted house was held in Reese Hall’s basement, lasted approximately 15 minutes and was put on by the Reese Hall resident assistants. Ben Ward, Reese Hall resident assistant and event coordinator, was very pleased with the attendance and money raisIMG_1195ed on Thursday and Friday.

“Roughly 600 people came through the haunted house, and we made approximately $2,020 for Habitat for Humanity. We put a lot of work into it and I am just glad people ended up enjoying it,” Ward said.

The haunted house consisted of a tight maze that wound through different rooms with interactive scenarios and the only light source being from the tour guide’s flashlight. Natalie Dockter, a junior in Human Resources, was impressed with the visual effects and overall experience.

“I laughed, I cried, I screamed and my friend used me as a shield,” Dockter said. “I loved everything from the bacon hanging from the ceiling in the haunted meat factory to all the decapitated baby doll heads in the hospital room.”


Edited by Jennifer Brake