‘Our Country’s Good’ opens at UT’s Carousel Theater


The captivating play about Britain’s arrival by sea and eventual settlement to Botany Bay, Australia, “Our Country’s Good,” tells the story of one lieutenant’s bold and unprecedented decision to boost moral by staging a production using prisoners as comedic actors.

The show opened at UT on Thursday, Oct. 3, in the Ula Love Doughty Carousel Theatre, providing an intimate environment for the audience to become immersed in the story. The cast of the play told the story that both amuses and challenges the audience to examine their own lives and the lives of those around them, while evoking plenty of good-natured laughter at the same time.

Victoria Goff, a freshman at UT and a member of the audience, was surprised at how much she enjoyed the show.

“I got roped into coming to the show, so I expected to hate it. I don’t normally go to anything in the theater and thought the show would be old fashioned and hard to understand. It wasn’t. It was very funny and informative at the same time, and I really liked it,” Goff said.

The play runs through Oct. 20 at the Carousel Theater, 1714 Andy Holt Drive. Reserve tickets and find other information about the show here.


Edited by Jennifer Brake

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