Surprises in the NFL this season

The 2013 season of the NFL has started out with a lot of surprises for the many fans across the country, not just with the teams but with the players themselves. It must be something in the air this year, which will make this a more interesting season to say the least.

As usual the NFL sees struggling teams that have yet to win a game, but this season it is far from the typical “bottom-feeders.”

Both the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are typically considered “good teams,” are sitting on winless seasons. Another team sitting on a winless season are the Washington Redskins who now also hold the NFL record for the most yards given up over a three-game period. On the other side of the spectrum we see the Kansas City Chiefs, who were viewed as the worst team in the NFL the year before, and now have a 3-0 season.

More surprises that have come up in the NFL this season have spurred from the players, particularly the quarterbacks. In the first game of the season the Denver Broncos’ starting quarterback, Peyton Manning, threw seven touchdown passes. Manning also broke a new NFL record of 12 touchdown passes in the span of a three-game period. Quarterback Robert Griffin III has not been doing well this season, which is contributing to the Washington Redskins bad start of the season. Brian Hoyer is now the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback, which was not expected going into this season. Also unexpected, running back Trent Richardson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts for a first round draft pick.

So far it has been a far cry from the traditional start to a season, and it should be interesting to see where teams on the verge of being good like the Tennessee Titans and Detroit Lions end up at the halfway mark.

Edited by Will Lomas