GTA V excitement continues, students look forward to online multiplayer

So far, GTA V has earned more than $1 billion in sales with more and more gamers exploring Los Santos.
So far, GTA V has earned more than $1 billion in sales with more and more gamers exploring Los Santos.
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Nearly a week since its release, the buzz over Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong, and anticipation is building over its multiplayer, which will be available for download on Oct. 1.

Rockstar’s latest installment in the franchise features an expansive open world map where players can explore the city of Los Santos, complete crimes and other missions with three different protagonists, and of course, get in high speed car chases to evade the authorities.

The multiplayer feature of the game called Grand Theft Auto Online will expand on these qualities allowing players to work together to create and carry out their own heists, race against each other and complete a variety of stand-alone multiplayer missions.

Sunny Echagile, a junior in Accounting, is looking forward to these qualities when the multiplayer becomes available.

“You can play with your friends. Go out and do heists with your friends. There are over 700 missions that you can play online, and you can buy your own apartment, buy your own garage. Do things as a crew, get points and try to be the biggest and the baddest crew out there,” said Echagile.

The launch of Grand Theft Auto Online is just the beginning however. Rockstar plans to add on to it by releasing downloadable content in the future to increase the size and scope of the world.

GTA V has wowed gamers since its release and made over $1 billion in sales so far. Daniel Hickman, a junior in Sociology, credits its success to the immersive world Rockstar has created within the game series.

“Rockstar does such a great job fleshing out their characters and really making you care about the characters and care about the storyline and what they’re going through. The fact that if you’ve played the other ones they’ve now made a universe that’s intertwined with all these characters. It almost feels like an alternate reality,” Hickman said.

With the promise of future content , the universe of GTA will only continue to grow as players gain access to new places, new characters and many new stories.


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