Pepper Place stirs up interest

Locals to Birmingham, Alabama walked from booth to booth last Saturday morning at the Pepper Place Farmers Market to see and buy products from native farmers, craftsmen, and artists in their area.

This market is in its thirteenth year of helping local farmers connect with an estimate of seven thousand to ten thousand city natives every Saturday morning from April to December.

“We are putting the customer across the counter from the farmer” said Franklin Biggs, Chief Volunteer and one of the founding board members for Pepper Place Farmers Market.

The market seeks to encourage a family-like community for locals seeking fresh produce and hand-made gifts and crafts.

Biggs stated that the market was established to help save family farms, and they believe it has shown great results.

Allison Bohorfoush is a jewelry artist working with the Alabama Designer Craftsmen Company selling her pieces at a booth in the Pepper Place market.

Bohorsoush said she has been very pleased with the market and plans to continue selling here at the market.DSC_0111

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