Staff Profiles: Kevin Kowalewski

Kevin Kowalewski is a 21 year old Journalism and Electronic Media Student at University of Tennessee. He lived in Sacramento, California until he was 18 before moving to sunny San Diego to pursue his further progress his baseball career as a pitcher. After obtaining a community college degree in Business Administration from San Diego Mesa Community College, he took a semester off before applying to University of Tennessee. He currently resides in Knoxville.

Besides having aspirations as a Major League Baseball player, Kevin has many other interests and hobbies. You can often catch him working out, playing his Xbox, music festivals, spending time with his family and friends, or drinking an ice cold beer in a chair somewhere watching sports. Kevin has a particular interest in fantasy football where he a is seven time league champion and freelance writes for his own fantasy football blog. As an avid sports aficionado, his favorite teams include the Oakland A’s and Minnesota Vikings but if you have any questions about sports you should ask him.

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