Staff profiles: Jordan Achs

Jordan Achs is a student at the University of Tennessee majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish and Business.

Originally from a ski town in Idaho, she spent her high school years in rural Illinois. While there, she’s had a plethora of weird jobs, from corn detasseling to being a summer janitor for the elementary school. Despite working, she managed to be a good student, getting Illinois State Scholar and being in the top five of her class, although the class only had 48 students in it.

Jordan has many different hobbies, including: rock climbing, reading, watching TV, making horrible puns, and going to the movies. In addition, she follows street art religiously, is addicted to the internet, and Obi Wan is her only hope. Her favorite way to keep up with news is via Reddit, and her Klout score fluctuates between a 58 and 61.

Jordan has many different hopes and dreams right now, especially when it comes to a career. One dream is to work for Entertainment Weekly, covering the movies and TV shows she spends so much time watching.

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