Color Refined exhibit showcases at Ewing Gallery

Students look at the Color Refined exhibit located in the Ewing Gallery in the Art & Architecture building.
Students look at the Color Refined exhibit located in the Ewing Gallery in the Art & Architecture building.

On Monday Nov. 10, Ewing Gallery opened Color Refined, an art exhibit curated by Sam Yates and co-sponsored by the Visual Arts Committee and the Ready for the World initiative. The exhibit showcases Rachel Beach, Siri Berg, Gabriele Evertz, Beatrice Riese and Rella Stuart-Hall. All artists were present to discuss their work, except for Riese who passed away in 2004.

Artist Gabriele Evertz works with vertical stripes of gray hues and bright colors predominantly in her art. In her artists’ statement, she states the effect color presents to the artform.

“Color in perceptual abstraction seems without limitation,” said Evertz.

As the name implies, Color Refined show the abstract works of five women, all of which heavily rely on the use of color to convey their message and impact the viewing of the artwork. In addition to working with similar focus on colors, each artist shares a common background; all emigrated to the U.S. from other countries and all ended up in New York City to work on their art and careers.

Siri Berg’s work focuses on monochromatic color changes across printed and stamped textures on paper, Beatrice Riese’s features color within small geometric patterns and grid shapes and Rella Stuart-Hunt uses a vertical gray curve to split two colors on her canvas and inspire introspection in the viewer.

Rachel Beach, the only artist to show sculptures as well as collage, featured geometric, human-sized, wood sculptures which were scattered throughout the room with the viewers.

“Color can point to different meanings,” said Beach. “So for me that’s the character of that individual piece, I sort of personify them in a way, the personality of it, I’ll want the colors to push in the direction of what I’m feeling the character of that piece is.”

Beach also used color to call attention to certain parts of her sculptures that play with the idea of space and representative from.

Beach gave an artist lecture about her work on Wed. Nov. 12  and her art, as well as that of the other four artists’, will be on display at the Ewing Gallery in the Art and Architecture Building until Dec. 12.

Edited by Jessica Carr

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